Lebanese/Iranian Wedding by ayman kaake

It was such a treat to spend the day with these two lovebirds. We were short on time to go to a nice location to do the shoot, so we ended up heading to the nearest park near their house in Thomastown. It was the most horrifying place for a photo shoot but “HEY! It really isn’t the location as much as it is the connection of my couples. Showing love in your images is so much more powerful than any location.”

And then Mohamad & Ayda left the house with the sound of drums and family and friends’ claps and we all went to the reception where Men wowed us with their incredible talent in “Dabkeh” (a traditional Lebanese dance) from groom’s side and Iranian moves from the bride’s side.

Together, they made HARMONY.

Let’s show them some love and wish for them the happy ever after.